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Hair Color Upper West Side: The 7 Most Common Questions About Hair Color

The 7 Most Common Questions About Hair Color

Hair is a crucial aspect of your personality. While the ideal hair makes you feel confident and radiant from within, bad hair can spoil your day. Hair is an indispensable part of life, and that’s perhaps why most people think deeply before trying a new hairstyle or hair color. The fear of getting it wrong due to wrong hair products, re-bonding, hair spa, haircut, and hair color is unimaginable.

If you have never colored your hair before, the chances are high you have a million questions lingering in your head if you plan to color it soon. You might be pretty anxious, mainly after coming across several shocking stories on the internet about damaged hair, hair falling out, brassy orange hair, etc. Now, to help you cool your mind, here are the top seven common questions you need to ask yourself about hair color.

Should I go to an Expert or Color My Hair Myself?

It is advisable to seek assistance from an expert, such as Hair Color Upper West Side if it’s the first time you are coloring your hair. A skilled hair stylist will help you determine the best color that suits your skin tone. Additionally, a professional can perform a strand test to ensure you are not allergic to beauty products. They also ensure that you receive the much-desired results without damaging your hair. However, you can safely and quickly color your hair at home to get a natural look by concealing the grey hair.

Does Coloring Damage Hair?

If you plan to use permanent hair color, it is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide to lift your hair. The product will open or raise the hair’s cuticle layer to enable color molecules to drip to the cortex without harming the hair. However, you can damage hair by using the wrong peroxide level or changing the color constantly. Remember that ammonia is harmful to hair, and you should avoid hair coloring products with ammonia ingredients. If possible, use hair products enriched with natural ingredients as they help strengthen the hair.

What is the Difference Between Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Demi-Permanent Coloring?

Permanent Hair Color: It is typically a permanent hair coloring that stays until the hair strands grow out. It’s possible to lighten your hair up to four levels with permanent hair color, but you shouldn’t exceed that level to avoid hair damage.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color: It lacks peroxide to lift your hair. Hence, it can only make your hair darker and not lighter. With semi-permanent hair coloring, it is pretty hard for the color to outlast 12 shampoos as it deposits the color to the hair’s outermost layer. The fact that you will not lift makes semi-permanent coloring enhance your hair’s condition and shine. If you are anxious about the color you want to give your hair, consider a semi-permanent hair color.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color: Unlike the semi-permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color has low peroxide levels. Thus, it can slightly lighten your hair. This color can last 12 to 26 shampoo washes as it deposits the color between the cortex and cuticle.

How Regularly Should I Shampoo My Hair After Coloring?

Once your hair receives a coloring, you should not shampoo it for at least 24 hours. Indeed, it would be best to wait for at least 48 hours to get the best results. If you have an intense color, such as red, it is recommended to limit your washes to three times a week.

Is it Possible to Lighten Hair Several Levels Without Stripping or Bleaching the Color?

You have to bleach your hair if you plan to transform it into a light color shade from a dark color shade. You will need to remove the hair pigment with peroxide or other helpful bleaches during the hair-lightening process. After removing the pigment, the hair cuticle lifts to facilitate easy color absorption.

Does Hair Color Cause Allergic Reactions?

People’s bodies react differently to hair products. As a result, you should consider performing a hypersensitivity test at least 48 hours before starting the coloring process. This test requires mixing a little color and applying it behind the ears. The hair color is safe for use if you don’t feel any burning sensation, inflammation, itching, or redness even after 48 hours. Regardless, it is advisable to read and follow all the guidelines on the hair color package to the latter for a secure coloring experience.

How Long does One have to wait Before Applying Another Color?

Well, it comes down to your hair condition. You should contact a professional hairstylist about the available options. Suppose your hair is damaged. In that case, you should wait for the color to grow out or the hair to get in a better condition before coloring.

Is Hair Coloring Important?

Yes. Coloring your hair lets you get different appearances, from bold and funky to a subtle natural appearance. Due to the countless hair brands and colors in the market, it is essential to get help and expert advice from the Hair Color Upper West Side.


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