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Find the Best Hair Stylist on Upper West Side

One of the most significant elements of your look is your hair. To keep it perfect and turn heads, you must have an extraordinary professional hairdresser. However, choosing the perfect stylist to trust with your hair for the first time is no easy task.

If you're in the Manhattan area, you're sure to find a variety of stylists, each claiming to be the best. However, as in any profession, few can truly stand out. So how do you know which hair stylist on Upper West Side is right for you? You should keep in mind certain key aspects so that you can choose the one.

How to Select the Perfect Hair Stylist in UWS for You?


When searching for your new stylist, research which academies each of the candidates you are considering trained at. The best academies always strive to train stylists who are top-notch, highly skilled, and knowledgeable about the latest fashion trends. For example, at Smith+Morgan Salon we are proud to have an outstanding group of stylists educated at the finest hairdressing institutions, including Arrojo, Sassoon, and Frederick Fekkai.


In addition to knowing the qualification, you must know what your new stylist is capable of doing, as your hair is not an experimental field. The best stylists in New York always have a portfolio, which will allow you to see their work. By reviewing the portfolio, you will be able to check first of all if the result is of quality. Also, you can make sure that the stylist can handle your hair type, or is capable of what you want to do with it.


A crucial point in selecting your new hair artist is to check how much time they take with you. If you walk into a salon, show a picture and no one asks any questions, you better run away. The perfect stylist should take the time to listen to you, and get to know your hair characteristics, needs, likes, dislikes, and preferences. They should also find out a bit about your lifestyle, so they can evaluate your particularities and make their suggestions. Even the best ones don't just offer a specific alternative, they make a plan with you for the future of your hair and your look.


The salon where the hairdresser works are as important as the artist themself. It is essential that the stylist you select works at one of the most prestigious salons in Manhattan, such as Smith+Morgan Salon. Belonging to a prestigious salon is a great symbol of their performance. Also take into account the ambiance of the salon, regardless of whether it has a big name. Keep in mind that the moment of your hairdressing is also your moment of relaxation. That's why you should make sure that the atmosphere where you are treated is relaxing, fun, intimate, and gives you that magical moment that will complete the experience.

Rely on the Experts

If you are looking for a top hair stylist on Upper West Side, you can find it at Smith+Morgan Salon. We have the most outstanding group of artists ready to make you look spectacular. Enjoy the most modern, chic, and friendly salon in New York. Book your appointment and get the haircut of your dreams.


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