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Get an Awesome Haircut on UWS

Choosing the ideal haircut is a challenge. Besides looking for a haircut that defines you, speaks for you, and highlights your personality, you have to take into account a harsh reality: getting it wrong can be costly. If you fail in your choice of haircut, you will have to wait for it to grow back, so you will have to live with a bad haircut for some time.

In that sense, you must take into account some key aspects to select the ideal haircut. One of the most significant is to consider the type of face you have, so you can choose the perfect haircut on UWS.

Choosing the Ideal Haircut for Your Face Type

Oval Faces

This is a symmetrical and proportioned face, so it will suit almost any type of haircut. The choice will depend on your personality, taste, and lifestyle. Ideally, you should even think of a detail that allows you to use the hair to one side to break the symmetry. Play with angles at the top, or use shorter hair on the sides. You can also opt for layering as it will help give the hair more volume. Soft bangs will also help you look more stylish.

Square Faces

These faces are characterized by an angled jawline, as is the forehead. Being a symmetrical structure, it works like an oval face, meaning it will suit almost any type of cut. An ideal twist for this type of face is to go for short hair (a "man" cut). Also keep in mind that any cut you choose should help soften the features, and give you a sense of agility. Side-swept bangs with a straight hairline are an ideal option to break up symmetry and add softness. You can also opt for layers, as long as they are not above the cheekbones because it will make you look less stylish.

Angular Faces

This is a very particular face, where the cheekbones are wide and therefore the protagonists. The wisest thing to do is to opt for hairdressing on UWS with a wide cut on the forehead and jaw, having bangs as an alternative to give it texture. You can also opt for long hair, so you can tuck it behind your ears and accentuate the diamond shape of your face.

Heart Faces

This face is wide at the temples and the hairline, so it's wise to use medium-length cuts or go straight for long hair. These styles will soften your features. Layers can also be an option, as long as the whole look works.

Rectangular Faces

The features of this face can be square or round, but in any case, it is best to play with cuts that reach the collarbones. You must avoid bangs in this case, although a fringe of hair that reaches a little below the chin will give you a simply spectacular touch.

Are You Ready for an Amazing Haircut on Upper West Side?

If you're ready to dare to look spectacular with new awesome hairdressing on Upper West Side, we at Smith+Morgan Salon are ready to make it happen. We have the most skillful, creative, and energetic staff of hair artists ready to give you the cut of your dreams. Enjoy the most fun, chic, and friendly salon in UWS. Book your appointment today.


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